Updating pet microchip

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It’s my guess that the mass majority of people who have animals have no idea about what I’m about to type.I didn’t know either, until I started getting curious and looking into it myself.

Petlink charges you a 1-time fee of $19.99 per pet. Info PET charges you a 1-time fee of $25.00 and an additional $10.00 per added pet.

RFID-USA charges you a 1-time fee of $19.95 per pet. PETMAXX links with Petlink, so if they aren’t listed in Petlink they have no chance of showing in PETMAXX. Why isn’t there a truly universal database that umbrellas over every single one of these poser databases?

Each is considered to be a “universal” database that covers any number of different microchips…

Pet Microchip Lookup Free Pet Chip Registry Petlink RFID-USA Microchip Registry or here Petkey EIDAP Info PET PETMAXX Now I don’t know about you, but the only database that my 2 dogs came up in was the first one (Pet Microchip Lookup)…

And this was only because I took the extra step of manually entering them into the Found Animals free database awhile back.

So even though both of my dogs have registered chips with Avid, they didn’t come up in this database through Avid, and they didn’t come up in any of the other ones at all.

Here are the databases that I want you to actually search, using your own dog’s unique number.Regarding the 1 that did list them, they came up linked to the secondary Found Animals database instead.So had I not taken the initiative to do that, my registered dogs would have went 0 for 8 in these databases masquerading publicly as “universal” databases.Most people aren’t told to cross-register your pets like this, so they never even think to.The only reason that I did it was because it was free.After researching I found that the 2nd database is free as well. The other 6 actually charge you to list your animals…

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